I have carried the NanowWave 45  during my 6 day/5 night paddle on the Etowah, on tour with me when I traveled with my band, and on a few overnight trips. For only $90, it works well as lightweight summer bag or grab it to take when I’m sure if I will have a blanket when I stay over at a friends house.

WP_20131108_001       WP_20131108_003

Specifications (For Regular/Left)

  • 45F/7C degrees temp. rating
  • SpiraFil high loft insulation (Polyester)
  • Weighs in at 29 ounces (1 lb 13 ounces), with 14 ounce fill weight
  • DWR treated Polyester Taffeta shell
  • Height up to 6 ft.
  • Left sided glow-in-the-dark zipper
  • Zipper guard and Draft Tube

My Experiences

Compared to Western Mountaineering, this is hardly “ultralight”, but it is ultra-compactible. It has consistently received good user reviews for a reason. The insulation fill operates well to resist cold spots, even when wet.


It does a decent job resisting water, but stuff happens. During my longest usage, my dry storage was compromised. I was able to get it mostly dry within a couple hours. My favorite thing about this bag is that it compresses small enough that I can grab it and toss it in my backpack.

WP_20131108_004  WP_20131108_007


  • Low Cost to Weight ratio
  • Ultra compactible
  • Water-resistant shell


  • Inner shell material is not as silky as some other bags I’ve used
  • Zipper is only 3/4

My only real complaint is that if I am camping in hot weather and begin to sweat, the inner material sticks to my legs and does not wick well. In these cases I have just unzipped the bag and used it as a blanket. If they had made the zipper extend closer to foot box this bag could be used as a hot-weather top quilt


Since warm-weather season is limited, I have a hard time buying a $300 down bag to save only a few ounces. If you are looking for a lightweight, compressible sleeping bag for warm weather and overnights I would highly recommend this bag.

I am considering selling this bag and buying a GoLite Z30 that will save a few ounces and extend the season of my warm weather bag a little bit.


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