Winter Day Hikes with the GG Murmur

Stinging Fork Falls Cumberland Trail

Brian Green has sent me both a Gossamer Gear Gorilla backpack and Murmur Backpack to give me the chance to use and review them. I really appreciate the opportunity because every person has their own comfort levels and packing styles; I would go broke if I bought every item of gear that caught my eye! Brian actually gave his own review of this pack; I encourage you to check it out here.

The specs can be found on Brian’s review or Gossamer Gear’s website, so I will just spend time discussing my experience. Continue reading “Winter Day Hikes with the GG Murmur”


Updated Trip Planning

This are our intended resupply markers. If all goes as planned, because everything usually goes according to plan, this is also when we start looking for a place to sleep. We suspect we could add 5 to 10 miles for most days, but with we want to allow time to resupply often, and thus carry less food, we would like to keep cameras, phones, and ipods charged, and the sun will be setting each day before 6 pm. We are also considering adding longboards to our trip!

I haven’t finalized the gear list yet but here is the general outline:

  • GG Gorilla
  • Hammock Gear Burrow 20 F
  • Thermarest Prolite Regular
  • GG 1/8 Pad
  • Borah Gear Borahgami- GG tent stakes/polycro groundcloth

Before I leave I will post a full gear list and I will make note of the new gear for this trip!

Urban Packing Chattanooga to Nashville

This winter, a friend and I are planning on ultra-light packing from Chattanooga, TN to Nashville, TN. According to Google Maps, we will have walked 138 miles by the end of our trip.

Some of my closest friends (who don’t backpack) have asked me why on earth I would want to spend a week walking in the cold rather than the typical 20 year old past times (video games, partying with friends, sleeping)…. And honestly, I could give an answer that could accurately represent the real reason “why.” We’re not doing it for the exercise, or physical fitness. We aren’t doing it for grandeur or even the beauty of the area (for mostly we will be taking roads). The only real reason, I suppose, is necessity. We are walking this winter because…well… we must. Continue reading “Urban Packing Chattanooga to Nashville”

Winter Wonderland

With winter approaching now is a great time to be testing that cold-weather sleeping bag. While some consider this “off-season”, there are a few who eagerly await the winter months.

Your pack may be heavier, but your spirits are never lighter. Winter provides a whole new way of seeing your favorite trails and overlooks: topped with snow. What better time to seek solidarity and the stillness of nature?

Where are your favorite places to go during the winter months?