Borahgami in the Rain

I was in there for over an hour and there was little to no splatter or difficulties. My only precaution is that it takes some “know-how” to prevent condensation for overnighters.


GEAR TALK: Hammock Gear Burrow 20 F

A new piece of gear for me has been the Hammock Gear Burrow 20F top quilt. I plan on giving a fuller review in the future, but I wanted to give a little of what I experienced while it is still fresh on my mind. I bought this quilt used from a fellow ultralight hiker and he had it custom made with M50 outer shell material, 10D inside, and roughly 11 oz 900 FP down (maybe +1 overfill). With a button-snap closure system this quilt comes out at 528 grams or 18.6 oz, which is much lighter than my previous bag- a North Face Blue Kazoo (40 oz). On This trip I used this quilt in conjunction with my Therm-a-Rest Prolite 3 and Gossamer Gear 1/8 in sleeping pads and the Borahgami.



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Updated Trip Planning

This are our intended resupply markers. If all goes as planned, because everything usually goes according to plan, this is also when we start looking for a place to sleep. We suspect we could add 5 to 10 miles for most days, but with we want to allow time to resupply often, and thus carry less food, we would like to keep cameras, phones, and ipods charged, and the sun will be setting each day before 6 pm. We are also considering adding longboards to our trip!

I haven’t finalized the gear list yet but here is the general outline:

  • GG Gorilla
  • Hammock Gear Burrow 20 F
  • Thermarest Prolite Regular
  • GG 1/8 Pad
  • Borah Gear Borahgami- GG tent stakes/polycro groundcloth

Before I leave I will post a full gear list and I will make note of the new gear for this trip!