Stinging Fork Falls Cumberland Trail

Brian Green has sent me both a Gossamer Gear Gorilla backpack and Murmur Backpack to give me the chance to use and review them. I really appreciate the opportunity because every person has their own comfort levels and packing styles; I would go broke if I bought every item of gear that caught my eye! Brian actually gave his own review of this pack; I encourage you to check it out here.

The specs can be found on Brian’s review or Gossamer Gear’s website, so I will just spend time discussing my experience.

I had no trouble at all carrying my stuff in the Murmur, in fact it worked way better for me than using my North Face Borealis as a day pack. The Sitlight pad was well enough for padding while still allowing the pack for form to the shape of my back (which I really liked). Usually, I am constantly adjusting the straps on my packs, even on day hikes, but the two trips with the Murmur I didn’t have to readjust a single time.

Stinging Fork, Cumberland Trail

On our first hike through Stinging Fork of the Cumberland Trail, it was 0 F so in addition to my cold weather clothes I also brought an emergency shelter and my quilt just in case. I figured if anything happened I could wear all my clothes, setup the shelter, start a fire, and wrap myself in the quilt. My base weight was around 3.5 lbs, I carried .5 lb of food, and I had roughly 5 lbs of water, making my total weight 10 lbs.


It was a short 2.2 mile hike round trip but it was beautiful! A lot of beauty is packed into those 2 miles and the trail has been maintained exceptionally well. For me, I know a backpack rides well when I don’t feel the need/desire to take the pack off whenever I have the chance. I really like the extra large side water bottle pockets because I can easily get bottles in and out without having to take the pack off.

Graysville Mtn., Cumberland Trail

On our second day hike, I brought the same amount of water, more food, and left the sleeping bag and shelter at home. The hike was roughly 7.6 miles total, for which I took out the quilt to change my pack weight by 1 lb. For the entire length of the hike I didn’t have to adjust any straps nor did I use a chest or hip belt.

Thanks to Jacob from Bearded Backpackers for photo

Final Thoughts

This backpack made the perfect day pack, perhaps with the exception that it be too large. For a typical day hike, I don’t need 36 L of space! Even though there are lighter, smaller options for a daypack, If I were to pick just one smaller capacity pack to use for day hikes and SUL trips, I would choose the Murmer. Beside liking the water storage, outside mesh pocket, top closure system, outside place holder for sitlight/sleeping pad, I also like the backpacks look. Compared the the simpler design of Zpacks Zero or Gossamer Gear G6, I like the way the Murmur looks.

The only negatives I can speak of thus far would be that it is too large for a typical day hike and after I filled it with my regular 3 season gear it felt a little plumpy. I would like to see how it carries when loaded with 15 to 20 lbs.

I plan on giving a fuller review when the weather warms up enough for me to take the Murmur out for some overnight trips!

Disclaimer: Brian Green sent me the pack to review then I am sending it back to him. I am not receiving anything in exchange for this review and am in no way obligated to say anything in particular.


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