A new piece of gear for me has been the Hammock Gear Burrow 20F top quilt. I plan on giving a fuller review in the future, but I wanted to give a little of what I experienced while it is still fresh on my mind. I bought this quilt used from a fellow ultralight hiker and he had it custom made with M50 outer shell material, 10D inside, and roughly 11 oz 900 FP down (maybe +1 overfill). With a button-snap closure system this quilt comes out at 528 grams or 18.6 oz, which is much lighter than my previous bag- a North Face Blue Kazoo (40 oz). On This trip I used this quilt in conjunction with my Therm-a-Rest Prolite 3 and Gossamer Gear 1/8 in sleeping pads and the Borahgami.



I have to give thumbs up to M50 material for its water resistance. The first night out I woke up with water dripping onto the quilt. To make matters worse my hiking partner accidentally kicked over the tent, leaving all of our gear subject to the condensation that had built up through the night. I pulled the bag out from underneath the wreckage only to find the water beaded up on the outer shell. With a few shakes and a wipe from my bandanna there was no more water. That night I pulled the quilt out of my pack, having been stuffed away all day, only to find that there was no remaining moisture.

I loved the optional button snap closure, giving one the ability to open the quilt up for ventilation in warmer weather. I find myself using it as a blanket around the house and when we slept in the hotel on our trip.


The only negative to speak of are the lack of straps to lock it in with the sleeping pad. Having these straps would have been a convenience for me because I move around a lot in my sleep. When I make the switch from back to stomach I have to be careful to make sure the quilt does not pop up and leave me vulnerable. I was never at any point cold, even when it was 25 F, but I was never “toasty”. This could have been due to my moving around at night or my inability to keep air from getting in.

The only changes I will make to this part of my sleeping system is adding pad retention straps and/or investing in a down jacket and pants for camp and sleeping when I want that extra bit of warmth.

For now, I consider myself having made a switch to quilts! I plan on getting either a JRB 40 F or Hammock Gear Burrow 40 F for my other season use.


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