Before heading out on any overnight trip make sure your sleep system will keep you warm, especially when you are testing the lower limits of your gear is being pushed. Before leaving for my 140 mile trip from Chattanooga to Nashville, TN, I am laying out open while the temperature is 21 F in my HG Burrow 20, Thermarest Prolite, GG 1/8 Thinlight, and DIY down pillow. Total weight: 42 oz.

Just to be sure, I have on my Rocky polyester bottom baselayer, smartwool socks, Baffin slippers, my MH wicked lite, and marmot reactor 1/4 zip. Not only am I warm enough to make it through the night, but I am feeling toasty!


2 thoughts on “Pre-trip Prep.

    1. I am loving the weight and space savings for sure. I haven’t really used it for a full night yet, just test goes. I will likely update my experience with it after this trip though. Actually, it is made from m50 (outer shell) and 10d (inner). The person I bought it from had it custom made with those materials and 900 fp. I really want to try the argon, but the m50 is really wind resistant for how light it is. I suspect if I were more prone to side sleeping I would want it a little wider, but I like tucking the sides under me leaving no dead air. Also, I have noticed wear in the fabric around the top button. I like the option to open the bag to use as blanket, but I would prefer a zipper or a different lock system to minimize wear…but that could be the 10d.. I don’t know if that problem exists in argon. Sorry for the rant haha, but it has been good in my trials at 21 F with my base layers on and roughly a 2.6 r-value pad. If this trip goes well I will be looking into getting the burrow 40

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