This winter, a friend and I are planning on ultra-light packing from Chattanooga, TN to Nashville, TN. According to Google Maps, we will have walked 138 miles by the end of our trip.

Some of my closest friends (who don’t backpack) have asked me why on earth I would want to spend a week walking in the cold rather than the typical 20 year old past times (video games, partying with friends, sleeping)…. And honestly, I could give an answer that could accurately represent the real reason “why.” We’re not doing it for the exercise, or physical fitness. We aren’t doing it for grandeur or even the beauty of the area (for mostly we will be taking roads). The only real reason, I suppose, is necessity. We are walking this winter because…well… we must.

Even if only for a week, we want to take away some of life’s routines and enjoy some of life’s simplest beauties: friendship and meditation. Encouraged by the model of so many great trekkers, we desire to test the limits of our own inner selves. The heaviest item in my pack will most likely be my previously water-logged Bible, for there is no greater way for my to relate to myself, my friend, and my God without it. 

Hoping to leave the 15th of December and arrive in Nashville no later the 23, we plan to walk no less than 20 miles a day and camp wherever is legal (or hidden enough for it not to matter). Though Tennessee winters are not particularly cold, our expected night temperatures will likely be in the low 20s maybe high teens. Already this November, we have seen lows of 22 in the Chattanooga area.

I will be posting pictures and updates during the trip. Also, along the way, I will be reviewing and testing out some new gear. I will be posting initial reviews followed by lengthier reviews after the trip’s completion. Some of the gear I will be testing:

  1. Borah Gear “Borahgami”
  2. Either my Gossamer Gear G4 or Borah’s prototype of the new Stealth Pack
  3. Gossamer Gear polycryo ground cloths
  4. And potentially some ultralight down garments from Borah Gear

Disclaimer: I purchased the GG products with my own money, but will be receiving whatever I review from Borah Gear through sponsorship. Having said that, before receiving the sponsorship, I had already been planning to purchase the “Borahgami” to carry as my shelter. I will be giving a fair review of both the pros and cons of all the gear.


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