The prototypical “About” pages  include perhaps a reason why I am starting this blog, a little bit about myself, and maybe some ‘plans’ or goals that I have. Why mess with a good thing?

We tend to know ourselves by the way we relate others, the world around us, and our Originator. These words  came from someone who has had a great impact in my life. I hope that this blog helps you and I relate together as we pack our bags and venture into the world.

As to why I am creating this blog… Why do we do anything if not as an outworking of our passions? David Hume lists direct passions to include desire, aversion, hope, fear, grief, and joy, which arise from pain and pleasure. I believe that when one walks into the woods for any significant length of time, he or she cannot emerge without having been overtly honest with one’s self about their abilities, passions, hopes, fears, and who they believe themselves to be.

There are many reasons why we “walk into the woods,” I would like to tell you about mine and I hope that you will tell me about yours.

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